GuildPortal will be going offline (permanently) by the end of the month.
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The more members we have registered here at the site the sooner cool stuff can start happening here. This is especially important for senior and high ranking members. If anyone has any questions, PM me here at the site or send me an email at  (PM's will be responded to quicker and are a better choice usually.) Membership applications must be processed by an administrator. One of us can usually be found here or in-game. If you like you can ask in guild-chat (in-game) if there is anyone on can process your app. If no one can don't worry, usually the wait is only a few hours tops.

UPDATE: WOOHOO!!Lost and Soul have signed on so now there are three site admins to process requests. The site has now moved to it's beta phase. Lots of cool stuff on the way. Love ya'z!! 

Don't be shy! We need people to add to the forums. Not only by offering their advice and wisdom but also to ask questions that many others have. Ideas for contests and all sorts of other things. Get involved!

Guild Base    
There has been some interest in our acquisition of a guild base and the the perks that go along with it. Things such as a guild bank and so on. As of this posting Pantheon is about half way through level 5 as a guild. We need to achieve level 6 before we can acquire a guild base. 
Lets make Level 6 by doing more Guild-REP missions!

Don't know where to find Guild-REP missions? Well, we do!
There are NPC's in each city which will give you Guild-REP quests. These quests will give you reputation points for their respective cities and will also increase our guild's experience towards the next level. The higher the level, the more features our guild will have and the more people we can recruit. Once you are at a high enough level to complete the next quest, the previous one can't be seen and completed anymore.
To find the locations and requirements of these quests follow this link, or click the icon on the right.
If everyone does these we can make level 6 in no time!


Guild News    

Target date announced!

Syntheya, Jul 15, 10 2:32 PM.
The site should be out of it's beta by the beginning of August.  Till that time things will be re-arranging every now and then.

Major Graphical and layout changes on the way

Syntheya, Jul 13, 10 4:08 PM.
The site doesn't look all too impressive right now. Think of a house that  is being built; that is still all beams and a yard that's still dirt.  I'm getting ready to start putting up the "walls" in the next few days.


Syntheya, Jul 12, 10 4:54 AM.
This site supports Ventrilo. The powers that be will be looking into it soon.
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